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Lucas Oil Stadium Sign Blitz
We finally get to put tape on something other than our hurley
Indianapolis, IN(HP) March Madness will once again descend on Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Stadium when they host the regional finals of the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on Friday March 29th and Sunday March 31st. The winner in Indy will advance to the Final Four in Atlanta, GA.
One of the fun aspects of hosting an NCAA event has to be covering up conflicting sponsor and alcohol signs. The Stadium handles it all except for the cup holders. If you've ever been to Lucas Oil Stadium, you may have noticed that each seat's cup holder has a sticker on it with logos. LOS, in the past, contracts with groups like the boy scouts to cover these stickers with blue tape and then remove it again post event. This year the Indianapolis GAA has been given the privilege of taking part in the Sign Blitz as it has been dubbed. 

For the regionals we will be placing pretty blue tape over the cup holders on Tuesday March 19th at 5:30pm. Then we get to come back on Tuesday April 2nd at 5:30pm and take the tape off.
The club, for taking this on, will receive a $1,500 donation. And if we do a good job we may be asked to return on future events with more fundraising potential.

Check the forum as we will be announcing a competition of sorts for who can complete their sections the fastest on set up. So get your team together, sign up on the event page and be ready to tape!

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