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Youth Hurling Exhibition Match Recap
What a fantastic evening for indoor youth hurling!
The men of Ireland were hurling when the gods of Greece were young. - PJ Devlin (c.1924)
On a night that showcased some of the best indoor hurling in Indy Hurling Club history, it was also a night to show off the future of our club.  After two great semi-final matches, the IHC U16 and U18 players took to the field.  What was planned to be a nice, fun, little youth exhibition game turned out to be a spectacular spectacle with real lifts and blocks, real aerial strikes and hand-passes, real points and goals for a real, honest to goodness hurling match.

The first half started off a bit rocky as both teams were acclimating to the turf and their teammates.  Once the early game jitters worked themselves out, some excellent hurling was displayed.  Both teams seemed to be evenly match and swapped possession with neither team gaining a real advantage.  However, with points from Lane Cooper and Daniel Moore, the green team seemed to be building a little lead.  Adding a strong goal by Zach Langlais, the match seemed to be getting out of hand for the black team.  That is when full forward Isaac Pearce made a stellar left-footed boot into the back of the net for the boys in black, breathing new life into his team.

The black team picked up right where they left off at the beginning of the second half.  Peter Pearce scored 2 points, on the run, while being challenged by the “Green Machine”.  Justin Gordon also contributed a point to the black team to bring the team within a single point.  Feeling the pressure of the “Black Knights”, mid-fielders Daniel Moore and Brayton Skinner each scored a goal and point, respectively.  With these final scores, the Green Machine was able to hold off the Black Knights for the win in the inaugural Indy youth indoor hurling match.

Final Score:
Green 2-4
Black 1-3

Great play all around, especially from both goalies Jonathan Pearce and Callum Lancour, who only allowed 3 goals between them, in a match where the ball was constantly in the “danger zone” (as Rudy so eloquently coined on the evening).  Also, the battle of the match goes to Beau LaJoie and Jordan Anderson who displayed some great skill and challenged each other to a higher level of hurling.

Fifteen kids, ages 13-18 from Fishers, Monrovia, Mooresville, and Zionsville played in the game that both capped off the winter season and kick started the 2012 season.  Making up the Green Machines were Daniel, Brayton, Zach, Jared, Lane, Jonathan, and Beau, while the Black Knights were Billy, Justin, (Justin) Madison, Isaac, Peter, Alex, Jordan, and Callum.

What a fantastic evening for indoor youth hurling!

Next up for the youth program is an indoor clinic on March 24.  Click here for more details or RSVP to

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1. Louis Landman: Great show fellas!

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