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2015 Indy GAA PickEm – Week 8
It’s not over…but it’s probably over.
As we enter into our final week of the 2015 IndyGAA PickEm Challenge, the title looks nearly locked up by Jeremy Fagan, who holds a solid 4 point lead. However, Fagan only picked 5 out of 6 matches correct last week, opening the door for the Swami to pull even closer as he again picked 6 for 6 in the Week 8 matches. Sarah Saft and Marcus Lasky are also within striking distance, but will need a lot to happen to move up the leaderboard.

Of the six matches this week...

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7/5/15 Independence Day Weekend - No Youth Events
7/6/15 Camogie Practice
7/9/15 Hinchtown Hammers v. Nunmoere All Blacks
7/9/15 Football Practice
7/10/15 Pub League - Play-in Game
7/12/15 Club Picnic

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