2014 Indy GAA PickEm – Week 2
There can only be one!
Nick Wilson continued his perfect run for the second week in a row! It didn't hurt that two games ended in a tie, which gave everyone 2 points. The Swami had a respectable score of 3 for this week, leaving him tied for 15th place with 9 other people. There were 11 perfect entries this week, 16 entries with 3 correct and 4 entries with 2 correct.

Now for the picks, 84% of the entries picked Connor’s to beat Claddagh. Connor’s did not disappoint as some star players returned after missing Week 1...

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It was all pre-workout drinks and performance enhancement supplements as Chris Ludlow took on Upland Sunday morning for Indy's opening day of summer league hurling. Chris showed up early after making a quick stop at the gym where he was able to get a few minutes on the bench and really shock his shoulder with some presses.

As the rest of the Renner's team assembled Chris knew that it didn't matter...

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