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2015 Indy GAA PickEm – Week 1
Pub League Pickem Recap - Week 1
Pub League Pickem Recap - Week 1
The second annual Indy GAA PickEm had 30 entries for Week 1! Out of 30 entries, only 1 had a perfect week. The average score for the week was 4.0 out of a possible 6. The All Knowing Swami predicted 4 out of the 6 games correct and is in 9th place, tied with 18 other people.

In the 10:00 games, 57% of the entries picked 2 Gingers and 78% of the entries picked Pogue’s...

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All eyes were on field B for the competition of the century on Sunday.  The highly anticipated best hair finals competition was taking place between Renners captain Nick Wilson and 9 Irish very own Nick Morgan.
    Nick Morgan entered the competition favored by the swami to take the win, but Nick Wilson was not going down without a fight.  Both players, I mean models, took the runway right as noon.   Not 12:01, not 12:02, but right at 12:00.  Just like always, it was right on time...

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