The Club Hurling Football Camogie
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Indianapolis Gaelic Football

Gaelic football is the largest spectator sport in Ireland, the second being hurling. It has roots in the ancient ball games of Europe and is a modern form of the Celtic game "caid." It is played on the same pitch as hurling, and most of the rules are the same.

Playing Gaelic football with the Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association is a great way to stay or get in shape. Practices are focused on teaching the basic skills of the game in a manner that is fun and rewarding.

This current season we are trying to increase our membership participation and familiarity with the sport so next year the club can inter a Gaelic football team in the 2011 NACAA national championships in San Francisco, and in the future send a Ladies Gaelic football team.

We practice on Monday nights, 6:30 @ Broad Ripple Park, and have a scrimmage after the Sunday pub league-hurling matches. Please check the club calendar to confirm dates and times.