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Our Club Code is "IGUS059"
Watch the Gaelic Games here in the states!
Ladies and Gents:  If you were considering getting a GAAGO Season Pass, the Indianapolis GAA has received its "CLUB CODE" and it would benefit the club if you used that code when purchasing the pass (We get 10% of the purchase price back to us!  See details below) . 

Our Club Code is "IGUS059".  This only applies to the season pass.  Please let Brian Mathes know if you do this as I will be keeping track of how many codes we turn in to understand what we might get back from the GAA.  This code applies to both US based and non-US based subscribers!
Annual Banquet - The Sliotar - Around the Corner!
The Rathskeller, 401 E Michigan Rd
As we wrap up 2014, the club plans a night of thrilling celebration to reflect on the achievements of the year. On and off the field, Indy GAA has seen success in many areas in all seasons of the past year. From the increased participation in NACB Nationals, to the momentum gaining in the youth club, we have a lot of good things to reflect on. 

So naturally...
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