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On such a beautiful spring day, one match probably stood out more color-wise than any other played that morning. The matchup between Claddagh Irish Pub and Connor’s Pub began at 11 am. It almost felt like being in Florida, what with temperatures in the mid 60s and teams wearing bright orange and lime green, respectively. Both teams came into this game with a chip on their shoulders. The Swami wasn't kind to either Claddagh or Connor’s in the previous week, (something the Swami attempted to remedy with the most recent...

But still gets all the Claddagh Games right
Puts curse on Nick Wilson
The Fastest Few Minutes in Sports has been broadcast with the recap of the April 13th games and the Swami's predictions for Week 3.  Take a look to see if you were highlighted.

The Swami makes his predictions for Sunday, even with the Pub Crawl on Saturday night making the crystal ball hazy.
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