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They* say colors can invoke certain emotions. So if you believe that kind of thing (and if you don't just roll with it, no reason to be all stuck up about it) the red Renner's jerseys embody rage and the orange Claddagh jersey... nervousness/anxiousness. So you scramble that together and you have some kind of awkward nervous, angry emotion that can be summed up in one character: ?. Don't understand what I'm talking about? Me either, but it sounds pretty "Pai Mei" right?
No peace to be found between this tri-color affair
It was unsure when the men in orange showed up to the pitch, that they were a hurling team or an escaped group of convicts. However, their playing quickly confirmed that they were in fact a group of convicts. At least compaired to the completely clean and foul-free playing that only Pat Flynn's could achieve.  

With referree Chris Ludlow set, "Dirty" Duncan McCabe lined out against Flynn's Captain Christopher "Chowda" Cox at midfield, and you could sense in the air...

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2013 Roster
Jeff Bennett
Tylyn Bremer
Klynt Brummett
Andy Hazel
Kristin Johnson
Ian Kaminsky
Matt Kory
Matt Lewis
Steve Lewis
Duncan McCabe*
Sean McGill
Laura Norfleet
Dominic Oloizia
Lorraine O'Shea
Jeremy Pugh*
Michael Spellmeyer
Gary Sweeney Jr
Joe Witkowski
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Rank: #3
Record: 0 - 0
Goals per game: 0
Points per game: 0
Score per game: 0
Opponents goals per game: 0
Opponents points per game: 0
Opponents score per game: 0
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