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Connor's defeats HealthSource
Hoping to extend its streak of 5 weeks atop the Indy rankings,Connor's came out Sunday claiming that maroon and lime green can be crowned as easily as the royal blue that carried off the trophy last year. After cruising to a victory over the reincarnation of last year's champion Black Swan team, only a few fools were left with any doubt.*


Gingers Edge HealthSource In Tie Rematch
It was a beautiful Father’s Day Sunday for this rematch fromearlier in the year that left a bad taste in both teams mouths, as it ended in a tie.

In true 2 Ginger's fashion this one would include scoring - and lots of it. Old timer Jeremy Fagan would find it in his old bones to score 2 goals and 4 points- leading the...

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2013 Roster
Michael Carney
Nora Thordarson
Charles Coonce
Caitlin Dougherty
Catherine Thordarson
Patrick Funk
Russ Hochstedler
Kyle Keesling
John Koren
Ryan Littrell
Brian Mathes
Eoghan Reade
Dave Riordan*
Amanda Roche
Kasey Samson
Brien Shoemaker
Shelby Sutterfield
Heidar Thordarson*
2014 Team trends
Rank: #1
Record: 21 - 21 - 6
Goals per game: 3.4
Points per game: 10
Score per game: 20.2
Opponents goals per game: 3.4
Opponents points per game: 10
Opponents score per game: 20.2
2014 Season
4/6 - v.
4/6 - v. (W)
4/6 - v. (T)
4/6 - v. (T)
4/13 - v. (W)
4/13 - v. (T)
4/13 - v. (W)
4/13 - v. (W)
4/27 - v. (W)
4/27 - v. (W)...