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Defense brings Good Earth back down
Eugene Burns Field
As the 2012 Indy Hurling Club Pub League regular season winds down, a logjam at the top of the standings has made each game critical to determining playoff seeding. Goose the Market, sporting a 6-2-1 record, took to the pitch against the nutritionally sound hurlers of Good Earth (5-3-1 going in) last Sunday in a match that would either distance Goose from the pack, or create the kind of league standings traffic jam generally reserved for I-69 North at the 465 split during rush hour...
Fat and Cholesterol Cower in Fear
If you were one of the lucky fans that stuck around for the Good Earth – Pogue’s Run hurling match you were not disappointed.  With a win earlier in the day for both teams, winning this game would proclaim the victor as the top team in the league.  This titanic contest showcased high level hurling with crisp passing, spectacular point scoring, and amazing blocks. 

Pogue’s Run also took part in the match…...

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Good Earth defeats Flynn's
Earthlings end Flynn's chance at 2-0 start for 2012 season
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