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Flynn's edge Pogues to continue their streak
Nearby: A prison riot occurred with an estimated 18 escaped convicts

Most of the commentators expected this match to be a clash, and it was.

Both teams went in level at the half. However one was able to come out ahead. With an onslaught of goals and points from Flynn's, Pogue's' Jacob Wilkes was called onto defense. This proved problematic for Pogue's as the Flynn's defense was able to stop any advance of the Pogue's men. This gave Flynn's their 2nd victory of the season.

No puns needed
The "Wreckers" of Renner's were out to prove that they were more than just 'quality work at affordable prices' Sunday when they squared off against the "Green Grocers?" of Pogues at 10am, which started promptly at 10:37.  Renner's was looking to snap a losing streak that saw their last win take place in 2011.  In fact, the last time a team named Renner's won was against Paddy's on June 26 2011.  Since then Renner's was renamed Pogues and Paddy's was renamed Renner's...
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Team Goose answer captain's call, easily dispatch Pogue's Run.

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Pogue's Wrecks Renner's
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2013 Roster
Cynthia Albrecht
Tim Boyll
Jake Cagle
Peter Daum
Paul Flynn
Ian Heraty
Ben Hewett
Natalie Johann
Nate Roberts*
William Roche
Buck Shomo
Reid Smith
Cathal Tomas
Tania Heath
Woody White
Jacob Wilkes*
Harry Henderson
Courtney Yaggi
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