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Fall's Color is Orange
Round 2 recap
Eugene Burns Park, Oct 9
In week 2 of the October action, the Fall hurling and football leagues continued the march toward the Oct 30 championships.  Rookies have played impressively side by side - sometimes in front of - veterans, hinting that the future of Gaelic sports in Indy is bright indeed.

Hurling Recaps

Good Earth vs Renner's: Week 2 was very kind to the Earthlings, who got by Renner's in fairly commanding fashion.  Good Earth showed ample respect for Renner's by taking no chances when its lead was only 30 points.  At that point, rather than risk allowing an embarrassing comeback, the Tan Offenders helped themselves to a baker's dozen more points, running away 43-3 in the end.  On the bright side for Renner's, their red jerseys are quite striking.

Flynn's vs Claddagh: Flynn's soared into the hurling record books by winning or not losing in 4 of their last games dating back to Summer league.  The Greenies' story soared as well into fans' hearts, as its 3-0-1 roll gave hope to underdogs everywhere.  However, the journey could not outlast the resurgance of the tangerine-clad stick carriers of Claddagh.  The annoying Orange was all over the field, punishing Flynn's players for trying to taste victory at it's expense.  

Claddagh vs Renner's: Claddagh continued its rampage through the Indy League by sending Renner's back to the drawing board in the Orangemen's second outing of their double-header.  Renner's tough luck, meanwhile, continued through the sunny morning.  Twice facing a Summer league finalist, and twice losing to one, the Red Riders will not lose hope, knowing a few bounces of the sliotar and a break here or there could have led to the first win of the Fall.  The story of the day though, was Claddagh.  League be advised: Orange is back.

Connor's vs Goose: After setting for a tie in Round 1, Connor's looked to make a move up in the standings at the expense of Goose. A win would have put Connor's 2 league points behind Good Earth for league lead.  Well, on this Sunday, Goose put a stop to that fantasy, meticulously grinding out a victory with its legendary ball control and teamwork.  Plus goalie Ciaran promised to cover every sliotar he touched with his mucousy contagious virus slime.  The threat of a week of coughing and sneezing seemed to creep into the thoughts of Connor's players, who tried and tried to will a victory out of the struggle but couldn't muster the strength.  The win landed Goose tied for first place.

Football Recap

Claddagh+Good Earth vs Connor's+Renner's: Confusing names aside, the action between the football clubs was simply this:  simple.  Sticking to great fundamentals, both teams showed excellent grasp of the basics of the game, making the most of well placed strikes off the boots and fists of the competitors.  In the final minutes, Good Earth+claddagh scored a go-ahead goal and hoped to run out the clock before the combo of Connor's and Renner's could strike back.  In an exciting finish, the red-maroon team moved the length of the field to score a last minute goal and end the game in a draw.



1 - Good Earth (6 league points)
2 - Claddagh (6 league points)
3 - Goose (6 league points)
4 - Pat Flynn's (4 league points)
5 - Connor's (1 league point)
6 - Renner's (0 league points)


1 - Goose + Flynn's (3 league points)
2 - Connor's + Renner's (1 league point)
3 - Good Earth + Claddagh (1 league point)

The amount of action in week two was so great, it took nearly a week to sort it all out.  Hopefully the dust will settle a bit sooner in this weekend's matches, back at Eugene Burns Park! (Map to Eugene Burns Park)

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