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Pickem Challenge Recap - Week 5
Pickem Challenge Recap - Week 5
Halfway point of the season...
Week 5 of the 2016 Hurling Season is in the books and we areofficially at the halfway point of the competition. Adam Speer remains at the topof the leaderboard in the Indy GAA Pickem Challenge, but his lead is shrinkingdue to some unexpected results in the previous two weeks. Jason Mulvey, JillianBeyke, and Jeremy Fagan are only two points back from Speer with Hugh Kelly andThe Swami within striking distance. Week 5 was a hard nut to crack with theaverage correct picks only 3 out of 6...
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Mr. Hummus Nine Ninety Nine
The first match of the season between Langton’s Irish Pub and Smoking Iron Alterations promised to be as intriguing as Langton’s popular Fish and Chips ($15.99 daily, $10 on Mondays), but proved to be as cold as Langton’s Irish Red by Flat 12 draft ($4.95 daily, $4 on Mondays).

Both teams came out as sharp as the pleats on the outfits Mike Dollinger designs each day at Smoking Iron Alterations (6507...

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