2023 Indy Invitational

It’s back! The 2023 Indy Invitational will be held Saturday, June 17th at World Sports Park in Indianapolis.

We welcome competing teams and all fans, friends, and family members to attend. Spectators get in free!

We will be using TourneyMachine to track and deliver match results. You can view the schedule, track games, and download the app here.

Refreshments at the Fields

Bier Brewery will be at the fields serving up their tasty libations as well as Los Tortugas Foot Truck🐢 and Wiener Dreams 🌭


Afters will be held at Upland Brewing in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis, just south of downtown. Head down after the matches to enjoy a pint and grab some dinner.

It’s only a short Pacers Bike Share/cab ride from the hotel.

201 Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN 46203

Stay Bendy

We are also excited to announce that StretchLab will be joining us for the Indy Invitational.

StretchLab is a team of Certified Professionals who do Assisted Stretching for all body types. For our specific Indy GAA community, they will be focusing on Recovery, Sports Performance and Injury Prevention!

You will see a tent and portable tables available on-site and will be able to receive a free demonstration stretch with one of their Flexologists before, in between, and after the games. All assisted stretches will be customized to meet the needs of your own body.

They are also offering 50% off for first in-studio visits and 10% off memberships if you are interested in making this service a part of your regular wellness regime. For more information about their team and offerings, you can find them online and/or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Hotel Accommodations