About the Indianapolis GAA

Indianapolis Hurling

Since its inception, the Indianapolis Hurling Club and the Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association (Indianapolis CLG) have been proud to bring the great Gaelic games to the Indianapolis community. The year 2006 was the first official season of the club. The Irish sport of hurling was the first focus, and has remained the mainstay of its activity since.

Hurling is a traditional Irish field sport and one of the five Gaelic games promoted by Ireland’s Gaelic Athletic Association. Despite sporadic periods of widespread interest in the U.S., the sport has endured a historically sparse presence here. Since the first accounts of North American hurling matches in the late 18th century, activity has been centered in a few large cities, and the game has been played primarily by Irish immigrants.

In recent times, however, Americans outside the traditional centers of Irish culture have gained a passion for the sport. Exposure to hurling and Camogie has increased through media such as satellite television and the Internet, as well as from the ongoing promotion by the GAA and our local governing body, the North American GAA.

The Indy Hurling Club (now Indy Gaelic Athletic Association) was established to promote hurling and the other Gaelic games in Indiana. The goals of the hurling team are to introduce the sport of hurling, Camogie (women’s hurling), and Gaelic football to our community, to continue to grow our local league, and to participate successfully in inter-city and national tournaments. While doing so, the club strives to preserve the traditional spirit and Irish culture associated with the sport.

We are a friendly and socially active club, and we are always excited to meet new people and teach them the game. We welcome anyone interested in learning a new sport, whether the goal is to compete at a high level or get in shape while meeting new and interesting people. We promise you will have fun either way!

Indianapolis Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football is the most recent addition to the Indianapolis GAA. The most popular sport in Ireland, it is a fast-paced sport using a ball roughly the size of a soccer ball. Players try to move the ball up the field using a combination of passing, bouncing, and kicking the ball. Ultimately, teams score in one of two ways. A team earns one point for putting the ball over the goal crossbar between the uprights. They earn three points for putting it under the bar past the goalie.

Our club is growing this sport alongside its already established hurling and camogie programs. We welcome players of any age above 5. Children 17 and under are welcome to join our youth program. After that they can play in our adult league. In addition to playing league matches we send a team to a number of tournaments including the NACB Nationals each year.

We are friendly and very social and would love to have anyone join that wants to learn to play this great sport. Its a great way to get in shape, meet people, and get a competitive outlet. Check our calendar for practice and match play dates and times.