About the Indianapolis GAA

The Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association is a sporting and social club that exists to promote Irish culture through the traditional Gaelic games of hurling, camogie, and Gaelic football. More than your typical intramural athletics league the Indy GAA is a year round club that feels more like a family than your typical recreational league.

The Indy GAA began as the Indianapolis Hurling Club of small, informal hurling matches being played in 2005. Within a year the club began to formalize, holding regular practices and playing weekly matches in a two team league. Over the following years the club helped raise awareness of the sporting aspect of Irish culture by participating in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and the Indianapolis Irish Festival. These events helped spur some years tremendous growth in the club.

Now the club boasts over 150 active members, and with the additions of Camogie (ladies hurling) and Gaelic Football the Indianapolis Hurling Club became the Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association. We offer leagues in both Hurling and Gaelic Football throughout most of the year open to adults of all ages and skills. In addition we have a growing youth program for children as young as 5.

We also field competitive teams that travel around the country to compete in tournaments culminating in the USGAA finals every year. The club also hosts the second largest tournament in North America outside of the USGAA tournament.

We also have an established Code of Conduct that can be viewed here.

If you are interested in becoming a member and want to know more please reach out to secretary@indygaa.com.

If you are a business interested in sponsoring please reach out to sponsorship@indygaa.com.