Introductory Practice Sessions Begin
Fall practices open to all!
Starting this first week of Fall, Indy GAA will be introducing new players to the great Gaelic games through its Introductory Practices.  The club introduced scores of newcomers to the sports of hurling and Gaelic football at Irish Fest last weekend.  Many tried their hand at the sports in our hitting cage and field area.  Starting Sunday, people will have a chance to be coached on the actual skills and play of the fastest games on grass.

The practices will be fun, flexible, and free, with no experience or equipment necessary...
Upcoming Events
10/26/14 Fall League - Footling Week 3
10/29/14 Fall Practice
10/31/14 Sign up for Indoor Hurling and Downpayment
11/2/14 2014 AGM
11/12/14 Indoor League - Hurling - Week 1
11/19/14 Indoor League - Hurling - Week 2

= Hurling match
= Football match
= Social event
= Club event
A Recap

Saturday, August 9 marked the 4th annual Indianapolis Gaelic Games Invitational. This year was another special year of club growth and tournament successes. The Indy Invitational was hosted on the newest addition to the Indianapolis Sporting Venues, the Indianapolis World Sports Park. A special Thank You goes out to all of the teams that made the trip to our city for the event: St. Louis Hurling, Gaelic Football, and Camogie Teams, Kalamazoo Hurling Team, Nashville Hurling Team, Cincinnati Gaelic Football Team, and Louisville Gaelic Football Team...

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