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Indoor Hurling League | Playoffs Recap
The Recap | Championship Week
Clare (Yellow) v Dublin(Blue)

The Dubs had just come off a thrilling extra time win the previous week, and they looked determined to keep things rolling with an upset of top-seeded Clare.
Clare’s top scorer, Rudy Nehrling, did not look scared as he calmly waited for the game to start by munching on some organic, GMO-free, sugar-free, preservative-free, taste-free, and fun-free dates. (Brought to you by Good Earth Natural Food Co., the local grocery host with the most. Satisfying all your healthy eating needs)....

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3/29/15 Football At World Sports Park
4/1/15 Hurling Practice
4/1/15 Youth Practice
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4/5/15 Hurling Pratice
4/5/15 Easter Break - No Youth Events

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The Recap | Week 6

Tipperary (Orange)v Dublin (Blue)

Tipperary sure is a bunch of good looking individuals.
Which is good, because they lost again.

Same story: Close at the half, Tipp falls off in the second. The Dubs hang on to the 5th seed with a score of 16-10 ...

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