Indoor Hurling League | Week 5 Recap
The Recap | Week 5

Antrim (Grey) v Clare (Yellow)
I guess you need to decide if you’re a glass half full or a glass half empty type of person in order to decide how to interpret this game’s results. Antrim scored 23 points without team captain Marc Kupfer to anchor their defense. However, Clare ran all over them and put up 42 points (that would be the “half empty” statistic, in case you were wondering). I guess a nearly 20-point drubbing isn’t half full by anyone’s standards, though (unless you’re a Raiders fan), so nevermind....

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The Recap | Week 4

Derry (Green) v Tipperary (Orange)
Tipp’s play is starting to resemble Eeyore. Derry, on the other hand, has decided that life outside of the basement is a good life and played like they want to stay there. Derry applied the same method as last week: utilizing the one-two punch of Mike Monaghan and Dylan Harmison to put their opponent on their heels; and then the rest of the team joining in to clamp down on any come-back efforts...

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