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2015 Indy GAA PickEm – Week 2
The Swami is Getting Nervous...
The Swami is Getting Nervous...
Peter Daum was unable to maintain his perfect run in this year’s Pickem, but he still managed a respectable five correct picks from the six matches this Sunday, which kept him atop the leaderboard after Week 2. Unfortunately, Peter has some company as Jeremy Fagan and Brian Church both picked all six games correctly this week, in addition to their five correct picks from Week 1. The Swami had a respectable score of 4 out of 6 for this week, leaving him tied for 13th...
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The rains bring terror upon the Wreckers

Long ago, in the age of myth, there arose a god of the sea, Poseidon, who ruled ¾ of the world with a golden trident. He caused the waves to rise, the seas to rage, and storms to come upon the land, a careful reminder of the awe-inspiring power that the oceans could muster. He had a son named Triton, who also carried a mighty trident and a powerful horn shaped as a conch shell...

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