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This has to have been the closest and most unpredictable playoffs in Indy GAA history! There were 21 Tournament Brackets turned in before the first round, and not a single person had a perfect bracket. In fact, the top score was a tie between Mark Loeser and Tim Boyll, who both picked 8 out of 10 games correctly. That would be an 80% prediction, which is barely a B in most schools! The tie breaker came down to the final score of both the Shield and the Championship game. Tim Boyll predicted a final score of 51 points for the Shield game...
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7/29/14 Gaelic Football Practice
8/9/14 Annual Indianapolis GAA Invitational
8/15/14 Premier GAA Sports Night #4
8/28/14 2014 NACB Nationals
8/29/14 2014 NACB Nationals
8/30/14 2014 NACB Nationals

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The fun doesn't stop with Indy GAA PickEm!  With the playoffs around the corner, there is a brand new game available for all members and spectators!  Fill out your Indy GAA Tournament Bracket for a chance to win a bottle of Irish Whiskey and other prizes!  Entry form is available in PDF and Excel.  Email your bracket to by midnight, Saturday, July 12, and follow the action this Sunday at Eugene Burns.  All are welcome to play.  If you are under 21...
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