Pub League Rules

In addition to the established league rules you may also refer to the official GAA Rule & Regulations.

  1. Games will adhere to published schedule on the website & be played according to the GAA’s Official Rules of the game except where otherwise noted below. 
  2. There are 8 teams in the league. Format: round robin with one game per team, per weekend.  3.
  3. Games will be 25 mins per half with 5 mins for half-time. 
  4. Teams will field 11-a-side unless both teams have 15+ when the ref calls for subs, then teams will play 12 or 13-a-side as agreed by both teams’ captains. 
    1. Suggested formation for 11’s: GK/2xFB/2xHB/2xMid/2xHF/2xFF. 
    2. Suggested formation for 13’s: GK/2xFB/3xHB/2xMid/3xHF/2xFF. 
  5. Unlimited, rolling substitutes are permitted in each game. Player X must be off the field before Player Y  steps on. Team captains to control & notify referee.  
  6. Team captains are responsible for their roster, jerseys, sticks, helmets, etc. 
  7. Team captains will provide sideline officials, goal judges, stats person, and scorer (8 people) as scheduled. If  a team is scheduled to officiate on a field for the first time that day, they’ll also be in charge of  setting the field (nets, flags, sliotars) by game time and the team that officiates last on a field for  that day will be in charge of tear down. 
  8. During the regular league play, teams may “borrow” players from other teams without penalty. Opposing  team captains must agree on “borrowed” players. 
  9. During the playoffs, teams with insufficient players (8 or less), will forfeit the game.
    1. a. Play-off victory will be awarded to their opposition 
    2. Players may be “borrowed” from other teams to complete the fixture but point 9.1 still applies. 
  10. During the playoffs, if a team has insufficient players, (9 or 10), it can complete the fixture as scheduled. a. This is a “live” game, with a playoff victory to play for, BUT NO “borrowing” of players is allowed  in this situation 
  11. Regular League Scoring system 
    1. Win = 3pts, Tie = 1 pt, Loss = 0. 
  12. Playoffs 
    1. At the end of 10 weeks regular play, teams will be seeded for playoffs. First by League points, record  in head-to-head matchups, then score difference, then least points/goals allowed, then least points  allowed.  
    2. Playoffs will be single elimination, held over 2 weeks.
  13. Black (football only), Yellow & Red Cards: 
    1. Time for black card will be ⅕ of the total time of the half.  For example, if playing 25 min halves, black card will be for 5 min.  If playing for 20 min halves, black card will be for 4 min, etc. 
    2. Time will carry over from first half to second half, if applicable. 
    3. 2 yellow cards (soft red) – player is out for the remainder of that game 
    4. 1 red card –  
      1. If given for verbal abuse: player is out for the remainder of that game. 
      2. If given for physical abuse – player is out for the remainder of that game and the next game. 
  14. Camogie/Ladies’ Football Rules: 
    1. Women shall be able to play by camogie/ladies’ football rules as written.
  15. Disputes will be brought before the Competition Committee as warranted. 
  16. The Club Board/Competition Committee reserves the right to adjust the above mentioned as & when  deemed necessary.