Author: Chris Burrows

2023 Pub League Award Nominations

We know it’s been a minute since Pub League, but now that those memories have had time to marinate, it’s time to nominate your fellow players (or yourselves, we don’t judge) for our 2023 Pub League Awards.

The link below will send you to the anonymous survey – you can submit nominations for as many or as few categories as you like. Players with at least two nominations for a given category will then be added to a ballot for a final vote, and winners will be revealed at our Annual Banquet on January 6th at the Oasis Lounge at the Murat. More details to come on that.

Please submit your nominations by Wednesday, October 11th.

O’Neills Apparel Order Coming Soon

We’re working with O’Neills this year to set up a site where you can order your favorite IndyGAA themed merchandise – including the 2022 jerseys.

Very soon we will be sharing a link to a special site that will allow members to order team-branded items like shorts, sweaters, jackets, etc, as well as any other 2022 team jerseys you might want to purchase. While most of these items are available year round on the O’Neills IndyGAA site, by adding it to this order you’ll get bulk pricing and reduced shipping.

Please note that if you’re registered for a team you’re already getting your requested jersey size/number – this would only be for any extra jerseys you may want.

The site will only be open for a few days to make sure we get delivery in time for the season to start, so we wanted to give everyone a heads up before it does. We’ll pass along the website link and closing date once we get them, ideally early next week.

Remember – it doesn’t matter how good you are at something as long as you look good doing it, so be sure to stock up!

Bulk Equipment Order from American Hurling

I’ll be placing an American Hurling order soon for some new equipment. You can get a look at their stock here →

If you are interested in jumping on the order to save on shipping, let me know what you’d like by Tuesday, May 25th at, and I’ll figure out what the individual costs for folks will be after dividing the shipping.

After that’s sorted, I’ll place the order and will plan on bringing the equipment to practices and/or make other arrangements (within reason) to get the gear delivered.