Week 3 Results & Upcoming Events

In respect to El Dudarino, we’ll keep this week’s recap brief:

Hope PlumbingDaredevil Brewing, and Dugan & Voland go yet another week without a win, Skyline and Centerpoint put up some impressive numbers, and Guinness and Hotel Tango still remain undefeated.

Week 4 Pick ‘Em

Commissioner Cabeen has posted the Week 4 Pick ‘Em form, so be sure to get your picks in before the matches this Sunday.

Premier Nights are Back

We’ve secured dates and alcohol vending permits for four Friday night Premier Nights at Kuntz Stadium. The first will be held one week from today, August 6th starting at 7pm (the rest are on the calendar).

For those of who may be unfamiliar, Premier Nights are a chance to our members to play a match under the lights on a (nearly) properly sized pitch. We encourage all members along with their friends and family to come out and enjoy a night of good games and good fun. 

If you’d like to participate please fill out this form so we can put together the most competitive teams possible.