Week 4 Results

Hope Plumbing and Daredevil Brewing are still searching for a win, Dugan & Voland finally gets a W, while Skyline, Guinness, and Hotel Tango remain undefeated.

Week 5 Pick ‘Em

Commissioner Cabeen has posted the Week 5 Pick ‘Em form, so be sure to get your picks in before the matches this Sunday.

Premier Nights are Back

For those of who may be unfamiliar, Premier Nights are a chance for our members to play a match under the lights on a (nearly) properly sized pitch. We encourage all members along with their friends and family to come out and enjoy a night of good games and good fun.

We hope to hold three matches for the evening, one hurling, one Camogie, and one Gaelic football, but that all depends on your availability and willingness to play. So if you’d like to participate in any of these matches, please fill out this form so we can put together the most competitive teams possible.

Beers from our sponsors will also be available for purchase, so don’t forget your wallet!