Week 7 Has Been Postponed

After much deliberation on the board and consultation with team captains we’ve decided to postpone this weekend’s matches to next weekend.

This decision was made due to the fact that we have enough members traveling to the USGAA Nationals this weekend that nearly every team will be unable to fill a full roster.

We still welcome any folks that are still in town to come out to the fields for a stick-toss/scrimmage.

What does this mean for the schedule?

Luckily not too much! The schedule was created this year with a built-in make up week on September 19th. This was originally going to be used as a rain day or as an extra week of practice for teams prior to the playoffs, which start the following week, on September 26th.

All matches have simply slid by one week, allowing us to still complete the league on time. All calendars and team matchups have been updated to reflect the new dates and you can look below for the next scheduled matches.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us, board@indygaa.com